The Inn at Little Washington

We’ve never tipped anyone $50 but we did tonight. High rollers we are not, just a couple looking to spend a nice, quiet 12th anniversary dinner away from home. And when I say away from home, I mean AWAY from home. Like an hour and a half away from home. I guess the Inn at Little Washington wasn’t in THAT Washington.

The drive was long, and once we got there, my cell phone conversation with my desperate daughter asking me what her Minecraft password was immediately cut off. For such a popular place, this place had no cell phone reception. At all. No phone calls. No emails. No Facebook. I felt bad for my daughter so I asked if I could use their house phone, which resembled a 1980s walkie talkie. I got on the phone and in front of everyone at the lobby, reminded my daughter that her Minecraft password was, “fluffymango.”

So back to the tip. To tip $50, you can imagine how much the actual meals are. I ordered Tuna Tar-tar with cucumber sorbet, Mushroom Risotto and the Seabass with Chinese Dumplings. I don’t remember what my husband ordered but one of the dishes had Caesar Salad ice cream. And for dessert, 7 Deadly Sins.

It was all freshly prepared with local seasonal ingredients. Everything was delicious but I have to say my favorite part of the evening was the bread and butter! That butter was so, errr, buttery! I would go as far as saying it was the best butter I’ve ever had! The pumpernickel bread had bits of sea salt and made a great contrast to the sweetness of the butter.











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