Busboys and Poets in Shirlington

When in Shirlington, our go to place has always been T.H.A.I. Shirlington.

Today we wanted to try something different. Checking on yelp, it mentions that Busboys and Poets had occasional performances on the stage, a bookstore inside the restaurant, and then I read this – Ambience: Hipster.

It sounds great if it were just my husband and me, but probably not with 3 children who were already tired from spending all afternoon at the zoo.

Whatever, hipster ambience or not, we’re hungry, and we’re bringing the kids, including my very tired, only 40-minute napping, walking everywhere at the zoo 2-year-old, who although is normally very well behaved, has a habit of throwing food from her high chair.

I actually loved this place! Farm to table, mostly natural food choices with many vegan and veggie options!




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