Hogging Breakfast

I have a ” no meat, except chicken and seafood only” rule when I cook in the house.  That’s because, although I’m a major foodie (obviously), I try to limit my intake of meat in the house – mainly for health and ethical reasons.  So imagine my surprise when I wake up to this on the breakfast table.  My dad, who was with us on our Williamsburg mini-vacation, cooked the whole package of bacon for breakfast.  Oh my gosh, did it smell ever so yummy…but, but, but…my social consciousness?

“We’re on vacation,” he says.

Well, I don't normally do this, but...

Don’t get me wrong.  I.  FREAKING.  LOVE.  BACON.  The smell, the crunch, the saltiness, every-freaking-thing about it, I love!  (Except for the crowded farms and unethical slaughtering tactics).  I grew up eating bacon.  I grew up loving to eat bacon.  I grew up eating A LOT of bacon.

Ok, maybe just one piece, or six.

Rice to eat with bacon and eggs. *Homer Simpson drooling*

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