Jungle Jim’s in Williamsburg, VA

Every now and then when we visit Williamsburg, we drive by a restaurant called Jungle Jim’s. My husband says that he and one of my best friends went to one in Orlando several years ago, but he doesn’t remember too much about it.

As we were looking at one of those brochure kiosks, I saw a $5 coupon for Jungle Jim’s. I had never been and it looked like a pretty kid-friendly place. Plus…$5 off. Right?

A themed restaurant in front of the very kid-friendly Wolf Lodge (not where we were staying) that serves American food – I didn’t have too much of an expectation. Plus I was still full from Cracker Barrel, y’all.

For starters we ordered BBQ Chicken Taquitos, and you know what? It was actually very good! The BBQ sauce was tangy and spicy, and the chicken inside was nice and tender.

I ordered Seven Veggie Stir Fry because I wanted something light. I know…if you order an Asian-like dish at an American restaurant, you’re just asking for it. When will I ever learn? I suppose I deserve every bit of this concoction of Uncle Ben-ish white rice swimming in a watery sweet and sour sauce. Meh.

My husband faired better with his order of Jungle Fajitas.

On the kids menu, there is a dish called, “Peanut Butter Burger.” I thought it was a peanut butter sandwich, only with a hamburger bun. I ordered it. The waiter, THANK GOODNESS, intervened and told me that it’s “kind of a weird” dish. It’s literally a hamburger with peanut butter! Now I’m an adventurous eater, but even I thought that was a bit strange. So I asked if he could just make a plain ol’e peanut butter sandwich, which he did.

We actually really liked our waiter. We were about to order a cheesecake dessert and he flat out said that it sucked. The subtle type he was not. I respected his opinion, and we ordered Sticky Fingers Funnel Cake Fries. It tasted like churros, and really, who doesn’t like a good churro?

Regular peanut butter sandwich, without the beef patty.

One important thing to note- they used glass cups for the kids instead of plastic or styrofoam cups that just end up dead in the landfill somewhere. Extra points scored with me.

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