Fuddruckers: Annandale, VA

We don’t usually like to eat out more than two nights in the row, but tonight there is a mini-fundraiser at Fuddruckers to benefit my son’s preschool. Well, if you MUST pull my arm…

I have never been to Fuddruckers but they do boast to have the World’s Best Hamburgers.

The World.

I’m not a big red meat eater, but I think In-N-Out has the best burgers in the World. I’m from California but I’m certainly not biased at all, right?

So here we are at Fuddruckers and I was expecting a regular sit-down restaurant where the host seats you, but instead it’s one of those places where you order at the counter. I always feel anxious when I go to these type of eateries, especially if it’s my first time. I feel like the employees behind the counter are standing there, staring at me impatiently while they wait for my indecisive self to order. Meanwhile, I get more and more nervous…should I try a burger to see if it’s in fact the best in the world…should I get a chicken sandwich instead…do I really want fries with that…wait, am I really that hungry…should I get my own drink or share with my daughter…AAIIIEEEE…

I decide on the BBQ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, breaded and fried (the chicken, not the whole sandwich) with fries. Once you get your order, you can go to the condiments bar and add onions, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, pickles, and even nacho cheese.

WAIT – nacho cheese?  Oh no, that’s a junk food weakness of mine.  On my fries it glopped, along with minced onions and jalapenos.


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