Ultimate Chicken Bistro in Falls Church, VA

You know those coupons you get in the mail that no doubt go straight into the recycling bin? Well, I’m the rare breed that actually goes through them.

I found a coupon for Ultimate Chicken Bistro in one of those mailers and after conducting extensive research (yelp), I decided to go there with the family.

On the wall reads, “Bringing the world on your plate the ultimate chicken experience,” and looking at the menu, it seems that way. They offer Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican and Korean chicken dishes.

It’s a Korean-owned restaurant so not surprisingly their specialty is Korean Fried Chicken. Now of course I’m thinking NO ONE can touch Bon Chon’s Korean Fried Chicken.

No one.

But out of curiosity, my husband and I ordered it. You have the option of choosing a soy garlic glaze over the chicken which is what he ordered. I ordered it without.

A framed article hangs near our table and it mentions that it takes about 20 minutes for the kitchen to come out with the Korean Fried Chicken because the chefs have to tediously cook them one by one. There is usually a 45-minute wait at Bon Chon, so 20 minutes doesn’t seem that long.

So was it worth the 20+ minute wait? After I scarfed down 3 or 4 wings in one breath, I think the answer was definitely yes! Crispy on the outside and steamy and tender inside. Next time, will definitely ask for the soy garlic glaze though.

Regular Korean Fried Chicken with salad and a side of fried rice.

Soy Garlic Glaze Korean Fried Chicken

I think this is Chinese Hunan Chicken. My brain was too foggy from Korean Fried Chicken overload to remember anything.

The waitress said the darker sauce was the spicy one. Um, they looked pretty identical to me. I also don’t remember which wire to cut…the red one or blue?

Yes, they have Mac and Cheese. And yes, my son loves black pepper.

Banana flambé.


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