Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church, VA

If you’re tired of regular Americanized Chinese food, then Hong Kong Palace might be for you. Also, if you like your food so spicy to the point when YOU CAN’T FEEL YOUR FRIKKIN’ MOUTH AND YOU’RE PACING BACK AND FORTH THE HOUSE TRYING TO RUN AWAY FROM THE HEAT, then Hong Kong Palace might also be for you.

The following is our order of Fried Chicken with Dried Peppers, Mapo Tofu and Cumin Fish – that is, after I photoshopped the FIERY FLAMES out of the pictures.

Yes, it’s spicy, but it’s spicy good. Not at all what you would experience in your typical American Chinese food order of fried meat and sauce. These are spices complimenting the protein perfectly, and it happens to be hotter than hell.




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