Seafood Atlantic in Cape Canaveral, FL

We were driving from the airport in Orlando to Cocoa Beach when we decide to find a place to eat near where the cruise ships come in. As we’re driving by the row of restaurants with three kids in tow, our objective was to find a place where there is minimal drunk people and loud music. We found it in Atlantic Seafood. We ate outside in full view of….no cruise ships. I guess today they didn’t have any coming in.

The menu was fairly simple- no kids menu but my two daughters found crab legs, which my 9-year-old loves and crab cakes, which my 2-year-old seemed to like. My picky eater 6-year-old boy, however, did not and would not, no matter how much iPad bribing was involved, eat anything.

My husband ordered the scallops, and loved it. He mentioned it was better than the scallops he ordered at Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA the night before. I never order lobster, because I think they look like huge sea bugs, but tonight I ordered lobster salad on a croissant.

My phone, which has more than 9,000 pictures and videos, wouldn’t let me take any more pictures unless I started deleting some (yes, they’re downloaded on my computer, but I think WHAT IF MY COMPUTER CRASHES?).

I did manage, however, to take a picture of snow crab legs!


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