Korean Fried Chicken

The whole family hasn’t been feeling good this weekend. Instead of chicken noodle soup to cure illnesses, I’ve opted for Korean Fried Chicken. Plus, I haven’t been in the mood to cook anything.

I’m pretty fortunate to live near some amazing Korean restaurants. I’ve had my share of Korean food living in California, but I must say, I’ve never had Korean fried chicken up until two years ago when we moved here.

This chicken is from Bon Chon in Fairfax, VA, but the original one is in Annandale. The new place has a larger menu than the Annandale location. We also tried the calamari (not pictured) which was decent, not WOW, like the chicken. Next time, we’ll stick with the fried chicken.

Be warned though, this chicken is very addictive. It’s crispy one the outside, and tender inside. The flavors come in Soy Garlic and Spicy, but they don’t leave your fingers sticky like other wings.

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