Avocado…with soy sauce?

I know what you’re thinking – avocado with soy sauce?  What kind of sorcery is this?  I can explain.

When we were living in Honduras, I met a nice couple who I became fast friends with. She was an American from Texas and he was from Japan.  She would cook up yummy lentil soups while our kids played together.

One thing I miss about Honduras: amazing avocados, which were different from Haas in that they were creamier and without the aftertaste that I sometimes taste with the latter.  The closest thing I found here in grocery stores in the United States were labeled “Florida avocados” but they are a rare find.

One day during a get together in Honduras, he and I were raving about Honduran avocados and how the texture reminds him of – wait for it – tuna.  Not canned chicken of the sea tuna, but the real deal sashimi-grade raw tuna. He said that sometimes when he craves this, and coming from Japan, I imagine it was quite often, he would add soy sauce to the avocados and it would taste just like fresh tuna!

Whoa, what?

I tried it and holy tuna, he was right! So now when I do crave a good, fresh tuna, I whip out the avocados (oh how I wish I could find Honduran avocados here in the States), splash some soy sauce on top, sprinkle it with sesame seeds, add some rice on the side and I have instant tuna sashimi!

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