Masala Wok in Fairfax, VA

We’re at Costco and everyone’s getting slightly hungry. I was thinking of getting a few bites of pizza – cheap and fast, but the dining area was so crowded and the line was long and I was getting whiny from shopping and waaah waaah waaah.

Then someone mentioned Masala Wok.

I have to say how immensely guilty I was to eat out after buying hundreds of dollars of groceries.

But then again, we’re talking about Masala Wok, one of our favorite restaurants in the area. In addition to Fairfax and Herdnon, there are locations in Texas as well. (really?)

About a year ago, I bought a Groupon for Masala Wok, and my husband and I were really surprised at the quality of the food. Best of all, they serve Indian Chinese and Thai food – no need to choose!





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