Ariana Grill in Annandale, VA

As of a month ago, Friday afternoons have been designated as the day when one of my dearest and bestest friends and I hang out, while our 4-year-olds play.

Today, I introduced her to an Afghan restaurant called Ariana Grill. It is close to where our kids take soccer (but please DO NOT call me a soccer mom!), and I sometimes see print advertisements in the mail. Like her, I had never been Ariana Grill, but I’ve had Afghan food a few times before.

We both ordered the Chicken Kabobs plate, which consists of chicken kabobs, a salad, rice, and a choice of a side – hummus for me. It also came with a huge piece of Afghan bread the size of Neptune.

The chicken was grilled very nicely, slightly charbroiled on the outside and juice and tender inside. The hummus was a little watery, but it was good. I guess I like my hummus a little thicker and with more garlic.

The plate also came with a spicy green sauce. I tried to google online to find out the name of it, but I didn’t have any luck. The sauce definitely makes the dish.



Neptune Bread

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