New Foods at Whole Foods

There is something about going to Whole Foods that turns me into a giddy mess. I can literally feel my heart pumping faster, my pupils dilating wider, my arms reaching for everything on the shelves whenever I go, which actually isn’t too often because I’d go broke.

Today when the cashier rang up all my items and I looked at the total cost, I made a sound in my head that kind of sounds like, UH GGGAHH GAAH GAHHH GGGGGGGGGGG!

Despite the costs at Whole Paycheck Foods, I still love it. When we lived in Honduras, and it was time to visit family and friends back in the U.S., I bought an extra suitcase to bring back goodies from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Now that we are back in the U.S., I can visit Whole Foods anytime, but I try not to too often (refer back to paragraphs 1 and 2).

I decided that in addition to my regular purchases, I would buy some new stuff at Whole Foods.

You Say Kumato, I Say “wut?”
Walking through the fruit and veggies section, I saw a package of Kumato. What the heck is a Kumato? In my cart, they went. I’ll need to google or foodgawker this to find out what to do with this.

Icelandic Yogurt
It was the packaging that called to me – simple with a matte finish. And I really needed to know how Icelandic differs from Greek yogurt.

Icelandic Butter
Keeping with the Icelandic theme, I needed to try this butter. I would normally get Irish butter, but not today. (Crazy food fact – I once paid $7.00 for a stick of Italian butter.)

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