Where Are The Loose Leaf Teas?

It’s surprisingly hard to find loose leaf tea here. Even browsing through the tea section in Whole Foods, I see many boxes of bagged teas and not enough loose leaf ones.

The last time we bought loose leaf tea was from Alexandria’s Old Town Coffee, Tea and Spice, and occasionally I’ve bought loose leaf teas from vendors at Farmers Markets, and once at Teavana.

But recently, I got super excited to find a wide variety of loose leaf teas at Wegman’s in Fairfax. My husband bought bags of Earl Gray, English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast, and I bought Organic Green Tea Gunpowder.

When I think it’s a day when I can’t nap (which is usually every single day), I will have a cup of the latter, as it gives me just the right amount of caffeine without making me too CRAAAZZZYYYY O _ o

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