Viet Taste in Falls Church, VA

I bought a livingsocial coupon months ago and true to form, I wait until the very last minute to redeem it.

I had been shopping for birthday supplies with the two older kids all day while my husband stayed home with the baby. He was tired. I was tired. My dad, who watches the kids when we’re out, was biking all day so he, too, was tired. A rain storm was coming. I wasn’t that hungry. All signs pointed to just stay the hell home.

BUT, it was Vietnamese food and there’s no way I would pass on that.

Viet Taste is located inside the Clock Tower mall at Eden Center. Had it not been for this coupon, I would not have known this place even existed.

The coupon we had was for 2 drinks, 2 appetizers and 2 entrees. I chose Thai Iced Tea and my husband chose Iced Coffee. (I probably should have gotten another drink since my caffeine lightweight self was awake all night folding clothes and playing Words with Friends)

For appetizers, we chose the salt and pepper calamari and ~~~glutton alert, glutton alert~~~ the combo platter which had spring rolls, summer rolls, shrimp toast and fried shrimp. Oy. Too much food.

For the entree we ordered the clay pot rice dishes, which according to the waiter wasn’t actually clay, it was metal. Whatever it was, it was hotter than a ______.

We had a great time and I’m glad despite being very tired and not too hungry, we went out. The service is great and the food is good. Sometimes you have to force yourself to go out, rain storm and all.






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