Chicken Pollo in Annandale, VA

There is no getting around my hate for the needless styrofoam and plastic.

Having said that, it’s what is INSIDE the styrofoam and plastic that keeps me coming back to this place. The chicken is almost always juicy (there have been one or two times in which I found the chicken a tad bit dry) and the charbroiled flavor has always been spot on.

This Peruvian chicken place, is always packed with people, some eating inside, many standing and waiting to pick up their orders. We always get the whole chicken with a side of beans and yucca.

It comes with a creamy yellow sauce and a spicy green sauce. If you’re going to have leftovers, try to keep some of the sauce handy. I had the leftover yucca without the yellow sauce and it just did not work for me.

So I wondered, if this place is called Chicken Pollo in English, is it called Pollo Chicken in Spanish? Hmmm.

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