Shilla in Annandale and Farmers Market at Mason District

Today was a good day.

The two older kids were in school, and I got to spend the whole morning with my husband and baby. First we went for a quick snack at Shilla, a Korean bakery, in Annandale. We had gone to Breeze and Le Matin de Paris, both Korean bakeries, several times, but this was our first trip to Shilla. At first I was a little disappointed. A lot of the baskets were empty of food, and the selection was slim. THEN came the workers marching out of the kitchen with piles and piles of freshly baked goods. Perfect timing!

I ordered a Thai Iced Bubble Tea and he ordered a cup of mascarpone.

Afterwards, we headed to a library for my daughter’s first Parent and Me Baby Class. She didn’t really listen to the storytelling as much as she tried to kiss every other baby in the room. That’s another story.

Soon after my baby’s attempted smooch fest, I thought: Farmers Market! The first in this area just opened up a week ago, and I was eager to try it out. We were closer to the Thursday Farmer’s Market in Mason District Park. It was your typical Farmer’s Market – clean with a decent variety. I suppose my standards are too high, coming from California where its Farmer’s Markets not only had vegetables and fruit, but prepared foods, music and just an overall feeling of niceness. Thinking about it just now, I sighed and smiled. Ahhhhhhh.

Still there is good to be had at the Farmers Markets here. I love the biodegradable vegetable bags some of the vendors used!

And I found the BEST HOT SAUCE I think I’ve ever tasted! That title used to belong to Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat, from uh, Belize. Before leaving Honduras, we packed a whole box of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce only to be told by the shippers that they couldn’t pack anything with liquid in it. Awesome hot sauce tragedy was averted by the postal service. We paid an arm and a leg to have the bottles shipped to our house but I think it was worth.

Then today I find this:

It. was. great. I have added it to other sauces like salsa or soy sauce, and it’s great with fish and chicken. I spoke with the guy who makes it and he says he adds 9 different kinds of peppers. Be warned – it’s super spicy, but bearable. He makes a product that is even spicier, with ghost peppers!

If you see this product at a local Farmers Market, it’s definitely worth buying, assuming you can stand the heat of 9 peppers.

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