Le Madeleine at Bailey’s Crossroads

I like Le Madeleine for Country French comfort food so much that I went there twice in one day. I can explain.

I went there in the morning for a get-together with the yearbook staff from my daughter’s school. I was about 35 minutes late (story of my life), and for whatever reason, I did not feel like ordering anything, not even coffee or tea. When I went home 3 hours later, my husband asked me what I ordered, and I responded simply enough: Nothing. He asked me again and I responded with the same answer.

He was in shock. “Who goes to Le Madeleine without ordering anything?!” This did not go over well with him, a fellow food lover.

So later that day, when it was time to meet a friend for lunch, he decided on Le Madeleine, and this time, I was going to order something!

One of my favorites there is the Tomato Basil soup…oh so creamy, tangy, and highly caloric. For some reason, the Potato Leek soup caught my eye instead. I ordered that, and a Crossant Chicken Salad sandwich with a Tomato Basil Pasta Salad on the side. He ordered the pasta salad, and what I think was a Monte Cristo type sandwich. Then all was calm again.


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