Pure Pasty in Vienna, VA

This is our second time here at Pure Pasty, and rightfully so. The food is quick, cheap, delicious, and the menu offers many local, grass-fed, cage-free, open pasture options.

Last time I was here, I ordered a Chicken Provençal but today I opted for a Egg and Bacon Mini Pie while my husband ordered a Chicken Curry Pasty.

There isn’t much space here, which is why I was glad to have the only big table available. A man, who I assume was the owner, and a young lady working behind the counter were extremely friendly and totally enamored over our 13-month baby.

I tried my Egg and Bacon Mini Pie and the first thing I notice is neither egg nor bacon, but a huge slice of tomato. This isn’t normally a bad thing but it made eating it with just a fork a little tough. The flavors of the pie were very mild, which is why I was glad I picked up a bag of stronger-flavored Prawn Cocktail-flavored chips, I mean, crisps. But look on the bag! A co2 rating! Absolutely brilliant! I hope many American companies follow suit.

I drank from a bottle of Root Beer that I thought read, Local Root Beer but it turns out I was wrong. It wasn’t “local,” but “lo-cal,” as in low calorie. Yipes!





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