Chocolate Plus in Bemidji, MN

Needed chocolate after our Italian meal, so we head to a store called “Chocolate Plus.” At first glance, it was a normal chocolate fudge store, with a few knick knacks. But at closer inspection, I was pleasantly surprised! This store had so much cute and useless items!
Like these dino cookie cutters! I was going to order these online before my son’s birthday back in April, but I ran out of time. I don’t have any immediate use for them, but so what? In my cart they go.

And what’s this? Reusuable, BPA-free, plastic snack bags. Yes, please.

Flat plastic bottle thingie, you can’t stay at the store. You must come with me.

Hmm, locally made hand cream? Surely, it can’t be as good my LUSH hand cream. Oooh testers…hmm smells nice, and it’s not greasy at all! Okay, I’ll only get one, but what scent? Darn, tangerine and cherry almond both smell great. When in Minnesota… (you get BOTH scents)

Oh yeah, we also bought fudge…chocolate peanut butter, snickers, and toffee.

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