Cava Mezze Grill in Merrifield, VA

It seems like these past couple of weeks, I’ve been eating at the new shopping area near Target in Merrifield, A LOT. I was browsing through my yelp app early morning, like 2am early, sneakily under the covers so as to not wake up my husband, when I found this place that I HAD to go to. And it’s near the Target area, where I’ve practically been living this month. It’s like a Chipotle but for Mediterranean food. Uh my gawd, you read right…a Chipotle for Mediterranean food! You go up to the counter, and you tell them what you want!

I went there after a hair appointment, with fumes from highlights fresh in my nostrils (I actually never get my hair done, but this groupon deal was just too enticing), and unable to see properly because of my new sideswept bangs getting in the way of EVERYTHING.

First you choose a base – a pita, mini pitas, salad, or rice bowl (ding ding ding, we have a winner!)

Then you choose your dip or spread – hummus, tzatkizi, eggplant and red pepper, crazy feta – which is actually pretty darn crazy, and roasted red pepper hummus.

Now it’s time to choose your protein. Finally, you choose a number of toppings to include fresh mint, lettuce, tomatoes, and even more feta!

I was ordering take out for my husband and me, and thank goodness…no styrofoam containers!

The only part I didn’t like? The little tiny scoop they used for the dips! When I say I want hummus, I WANT HUMMUS, not a tiny melon baller looking thing. Upgrade that badboy. By the time my bowl was done, it was only halfway filled. No. Just now. But holy grilled meatballs, was it delicious!






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