Freeze Dried Garlic


I’m walking by the grocery aisle at Target and this product catches my eye – Freeze Dried Garlic?! I’ve used dried garlic, jarred minced garlic, garlic powder and of course, fresh garlic in my cooking, but freeze dried garlic?

My experience with freeze dried foods has mostly been from those expensive bags of freeze dried strawberries and blueberries at Trader Joe’s, which my kids love. They’re yummy, crunchy and can easily stain your clothes (I only pack the freeze dried strawberries in my daughter’s lunch when she’s wearing a pink or red shirt…I know, right?)

But what am I supposed to do with this jar of freeze dried garlic? Surely you can’t munch on these while doing homework, as my daughter does with the freeze dried strawberries?

It doesn’t say anywhere on the jar to reconstitute them, which is good because I always thought that was gross. It says to pretty much use anywhere you would use fresh garlic. But how could that be if the consistency is different from the fresh stuff?

That night I needed to make something quick and fast because it was Judo night for the kids and well, I had to make something quick and fast which tonight would be Spaghetti and my makeshift Arrabbiata sauce.

I used my favorite jarred marinara sauce, Newman’s Own, about a teaspoon of red pepper powder, and several sprinkles of the freeze dried garlic and simmered at low heat in a saucepan for about fifteen minutes. The result was YUMMY! And oh so GARLICKY!!! My husband, who is pretty much immune to high volumes of garlic was taken back at how garlicky it was. He had assumed I used several cloves instead of a few sprinkles of the freeze dried garlic.

I’m pretty satisfied with this purchase and look forward to adding it to more recipes.


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