Cafe Taj in McLean, VA

So you’re dining in a busy, but quiet Indian restaurant on a Saturday night and your arm carelessly knocks down a glass of water leaving broken glass all over your table and floors.

Yup, that happened. More on that later.

Originally, Cafe Taj was supposed to be for a date night dinner – date night meaning no children, date night meaning just me and my husband, date night meaning it didn’t happen.

Instead, all three of our kids were with us, which is what almost always happens anyway. My livingsocial coupon to Cafe Taj was set to expire in two days and I couldn’t figure out a good time in those two days to leave the kids at home for our date night. So our kids went with us, enjoying naan and tikka tandoori chicken.

I remember Cafe Taj from when we went 7 years ago, before moving to Honduras. My now 8-year-old was 1-year-old, and she, my husband and I had the lunch buffet there. I don’t remember what I ate, but I remembered it was really good and that I would miss Indian food once we moved to Honduras.

7 years later, we’re back at Cafe Taj. We ordered the Kabob Platter to start, which was a plate of chicken tikka, tandoori shrimp and seekh kabobs.

For entrees, we ordered more Tandoori for the kids, Chicken Dhania Korma for myself and Butter Chicken for my husband.




Although I much prefer a buffet for Indian food, and I thought the Butter Chicken was too tomato-y and less creamy, it was a good experience…up to the point I knocked the glass of water all over the floor. Nothing like complete silence, stares, and broken glass everywhere to stop an otherwise nice dinner in its tracks.

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